Paleo Breakfast Ideas

I’ve heard that some people who are considering adopting a Paleo diet struggle with what foods to eat for breakfast. I do find this a bit surprising, as surely everybody’s heard of bacon and eggs? Yes, that’s Paleo. So, today I’m going to outline some foods that I have for breakfast, and some others you can think about eating.

When I started on the GAPS diet, I had to eat soup for the first stage. So, I had vegetables cooked in stock, or in other words, vegetable soup. While I’m no longer on that protocol, I still have vegetable soup, though now my vegetables are cooked in bone broth instead of stock. I sometimes, but not always, add cold meat to my soup. So, if I’ve cooked more meat than I need for dinner, I then put some of the leftover in my soup.

But, I don’t always have cold, leftover meat. On those days, I sometimes eat grilled mackerel, or I cook meat patties. One of my favourite patties is a mixture of pork mince, beef mince, nitrite-free bacon and chicken livers. This mix is absolutely delicious, and if you’ve got someone who refuses to eat offal, it’s a very easy way of hiding the liver, as chicken livers are very mild.

Another thing you could try eating at breakfast time is sausages, either gluten-free ones or ones you make at home. Many food processors come with meat grinding and sausage filling attachments, or alternatively, there are stand alone meat grinders that also have a sausage filling attachment. Either way, sausages are a great Paleo breakfast.

Along with meat patties, sausages, or any type of cold meat, you can add any type of vegetable sautéed or steamed, that way you make your breakfast a more balanced one. Or, if you don’t have time for a cooked breakfast, or it’s summer and it’s too hot, a good alternative would be a smoothie. I usually have my smoothie as part of my lunch, but with the addition of some sort of protein powder, it could make an excellent breakfast. Mine aren’t green despite having lots of green veggies: beetroot tends to overwhelm them. I mainly put vegetables in mine, though you could add fruit to yours. I always put olive and coconut oil into mine, which makes it a lot more satisfying that just water. And, seaweed also goes into mine.

One of the biggest changes I’ve made since I started eating a Paleo diet hasn’t just been in what I ate, but how I thought of food. I no longer believe certain foods are for breakfast. Yes, breakfast is a cultural construct. So, once you start seeing food in this way, you can pretty much have anything you’d eat any other time of the day, though perhaps something that takes hours to cook isn’t an option. But, leftovers are. So, a Paleo breakfast is pretty limited to your imagination or tastes.



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